Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sign Ups are open for Neal Starkman's POISON

Blog Tour Sign Ups are Open for Neal Starkman's Poison 
This tour will take place between Nov 4th and Nov 18th

Book Description: From the outside, letter carrier Cleve's life looks to be that of an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life, in the ordinary small midwestern town of Eaton. But looks can be deceiving... 

After tragic events plague Papua New Guinea, Cleve begins to suspect connections between the poisoning of 50,000 South Pacific islanders and his small town. In an effort to appease his growing curiosity, Cleve begins to investigate on his own and finds himself facing an obstinate midget mayor, a sniper attack, and a love triangle with constant complications.

With his life turning into shambles, Cleve finds himself wondering what happened to his once ordinary, peaceful existence.
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